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PHYTOGEN WOMEN is a project where our customers take PHYTOGEN for 3 months and experience changes in both body and mind. Anyone with symptoms of female hormonal imbalances such as hot flashes, night sweats, irregular or painful periods, and premature menopause are eligible to participate.

History of Phytogen Women Project

1st Phytogen Women Project

The Beginning of Phytogen Women Project

June - August, 2019
Mission Achievement Rate: 78%
2nd Phytogen Women Project

Two of participants from the Project successfully got pregnant

December - February, 2019
Mission Achievement Rate: 81%
3rd Phytogen Women Project

Over 89% of Participants responded their hormonal imbalance goes to normal

July - November, 2020
Mission Achievement Rate: 88%
4th Phytogen Women Project

The global project

April- August, 2021
Mission Achievement Rate: 90%