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Our goal is to improve our customers' quality of life and the future of nutraceuticals

Who We Are

RENU BIO HEALTH Ltd. is a global nutraceutical company located in Vancouver, Canada, and is researching and developing various products and distributing them, led by the premium health food brand "Royal Canadian." In 2001, this company was founded to encompass health food R&D, manufacturing, exporting, distribution with the vision of "Spreading Beautiful Values Born in Nature."


Sharing The Pristine Beauty of Mother Nature

Renu Bio Health Extracts natural ingredients from new natural materials.
Through the R&D process of producing products, we want to produce and distribute healthy foods at the level of new drugs that help prevent and treat various diseases. We will continue to challenge and innovate with the goal of the health and happy life of the human race, who is precious person.


Renu Bio Health's mission is to improve the quality of many people's lives through the commercialization of health foods produced with local Canadian ingredients that are distinguished and advanced through research and development.

History of Renu Bio Health

The story of Renu Bio Health starts in 2001, with the development of our Neo-Calcium product.
Since then, we have created another five projects that are systematically meeting the lives of people matter.



Successful extraction of nano calcium from oysters, shells, etc., that absorbs 3-5 times more than ordinary calcium.


After two years of collaborative research Rapha diet products made from natural amino acids extracted from silk were developed.


Developed and sold products that can help improve stamina of men based on 100% natural ingredients.



It is a natural female hormone balancer made from 100% Canadian raw material. It contains 2,800 times female hormone than pomegranate.



100% plant based eye supplement that can help prevent retinal damages and protect your eyes. It contains extra levels of Zeaxanthin, a structure component of the macular, as well as Lutein, a dominant pigment in the retina.
Since 2001
Since 2001

Renu Bio Health is not simply a profit-seeking company, but is committed to helping mankind live a healthier life by providing safer and more effective nutraceuticals to people around the world.

As many people believe in our products, we will continue to focus on research and development and related activities based on natural materials of Canada's clean nature. I particular, we will do our best to help more women meet positive changes through the natural ingredient female hormone balancer called Phytogen.

Please continue to show a lot of interest and support to Renu Bio Health, a global R&D production distribution company.

Thank you.

Christine Pyo (CEO & Founder)

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