What we do

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Renu Bio Health is dedicated to fostering a healthier society,
firmly believing that even our marginalized neighbours
deserve the right to embrace the value of 'health'.
With this in mind,
we are eager to share Renu Bio Health's expertise.

All around the world,


Renu Bio Health, based in Vancouver, Canada,
is dedicated to making a positive impact
not only in the North American and Korean markets
but also in communities worldwide.

We are committed to standing alongside underserved communities wherever they may be.
Our goal is to lend a helping hand to neighbours across the globe,
fostering collaboration and support.

What we do

Renu Bio Health is dedicated to fostering a healthier society for everyone


Renu Bio Health not only dedicates its efforts to the research and development of the female hormone balancer 'Phytogen' for women's health but also strives for a better quality of life.

We are committed to always standing alongside women in solidarity and advocating for their rights.


Renu Bio Health is making a significant impact in Haiti, a country with over a million economic refugees.

Through micro-financing, the organization is making a difference by providing interest-free small capital loans to these refugees. This support empowers them to attain economic self-sufficiency and enjoy a better quality of life.

Moreover, Renu Bio Health is also aiding the self-reliance of Syrian refugees based in Vancouver.

Our heartfelt wishes go towards the recovery of refugees who have been displaced from their homes, hoping for their pain to heal.

Underprivileged Communities

In North America, homelessness has emerged as a significant social issue in recent years.

Renu Bio Health is actively engaged in regular initiatives to provide warm meals to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Though our efforts may be modest, we hope that our compassion will resonate and contribute to the self-reliance of those without homes.