Renu Bio Health is miniaturizing its customers with its brand 'Royal Canadian’. Renu Bio Health manufactures 'Royal Canadian' products with proceeds produced at farms in Saskatchewan, Canada. In addition to Korea and Canada, which are major markets, we established ourselves as a brand loved in more than 20 countries around the world.

RENU-nanoTM Technology

RENU-nanoTM Ingredients

Ingredients applied with RENU-nanoTM technology are better absorbed in the body, dramatically increasing their bioavailability. Renu Bio Health's CO2 supercritical extraction, nanoization, and solubilization technologies make natural ingredients of various properties into a form our bodies can absorb and use most efficiently.

RENU-nanoTM Formulation

Through RENU-nanoTM technology, Renu Bio Health can more intensively formulate more diverse natural ingredients. For customers' health and convenience, the pill's size is reduced, but more scientific, more diverse, and more active ingredients are included.

in vitro, in vivo Testing

Renew Bio Health is forming a consortium with international-level research institutes to develop and verify RENU-nanoTM technology. These include the University of Saskatchewan, University of Calgary, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, and Oben Bio Inc.

Nutraceuticlas R&D

Hormone Balance Lab.

Female hormone balancing, one of Renu Bio Health's R&D fields, marked a milestone in Menopausal Nutraceuticals with 'Phytogen.' Furthermore, we want to develop customized products by segmenting and researching menopausal symptoms caused by hormonal imbalances.

Smart Farm

Renu Bio Health operates all steps from farm to sales with the advanced manufacturing system, called “Smart Farm”. This concept of smart farm help improve manufacturing asset efficiency and avoid unplanned downtime with data analytics.

Weight Management Lab.

Being overweight is one of the risk factors that cause various metabolic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, and immune disorders. There are multiple causes of obesity, such as hormones, constitution, basal metabolic rate, and simply gaining weight by eating a lot. Renu Bio Health is developing Nutraceuticals that can control the causes of obesity and maximize the effects of weight control and exercise to achieve healthy weight loss.

Quality Lab.

Renu Bio Health guarantees product quality through microbiological, physicochemical, and stability tests on raw materials, finished products, and the environment. In addition, we are responsible for the health and safety of our customers by complying with the Food Safety Management System and GMP for continuous quality improvement.

Pharmaceuticals Research

Breast Cancer Drug Research Program

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women after skin cancer and is known to be highly related to hormonal changes in women. Renu Bio Health is conducting drug research to apply Phytogen's hormone balance control function to prevent and treat breast cancer.

Non-clinical Testing

Renu Bio Health designs non-clinical tests, including ADME-Tox and PK/PD tests, to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of medicines. Then, based on the reliable test results of the GLP test institute, we apply for Investigational New Drugs (IND) to Health Canada.

Clinical Trials

Renu Bio Health will prove the safety and effectiveness of Phytogen New Drug for preventing and treating breast cancer through phase 1 clinical trials targeting healthy women and phase 2 and 3 clinical trials targeting breast cancer patients.