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Albumin Gold

Albumin Gold is a natural stamina and strength supplement for liver function, kidney function, fatigue recovery, and immune system support.

Albumin Gold provides the equivalent to 100 egg whites, a sufficient amount of protein to give ample energy enhancement. It contains complete amino acids that are extremely necessary and beneficial for the body, having positive effects on the immune system, liver, kidney, and energy recovery.
Furthermore, it helps to prevent and recover from hangovers. Albumin Gold is a solution for fatigue and low stamina. It supplies an abundance of protein and amino acids that are sourced from the albumen complex, royal jelly, and milk thistle ingredients.
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Albumen Complex

Latin Name: Albumen Complex
Source: Canada
Form: Powder

Royal Jelly

Latin Name: Royal Jelly
Source: Canada
Form: Powder

Milk Thistle

Latin Name: Silybum Marianum
Source: Canada
Form: Powder


  • Class soluble, heat coagulation properties usually constituting about 55% of the plasma proteins and is in other important processes, often repairing and building tissues
  • Long-lasting energy source packed with essential amino acids that provide a long list of benefits
  • Composition of nutrients that ease the body's stress and supports health
  • Contains 2 major fatty acids that inflammation provoking factors in the body
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, especially for the protection of the liver
  • Active ingredient silymarin which is attributed for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Strengthens immune response while preventing the attachment and buildup of toxins in the liver
improve Liver
Improve Kidney
Fatigue Recovery
Improve Immunity
Helps keep
fluid in bloodstream

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