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Renu Bio Health Ltd. has over 21 years of combined experience in nutraceutical formula research and development.
With the belief that nutraceuticals contribute to people's wellbeing and happiness, we have dedicated ourselves to supplying innovative natural dietary and health supplements. With our leading brand "Royal Canadian," we strive to be different, creating unique that delight our customers and outsmart the competition

Our Products

Renu Bio Health Ltd. has constantly invested in the research and development of all-natural supplements and formulas to supply various natural dietary and health supplements such as Policosanol, Probiotic, Krill Oil, Premium Collagen, Albumin, Omega 3, Royal Jelly, Hawaiian Noni and DHA to consumers worldwide under its leading brand “Royal Canadian.”

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Female Hormone Balancer

Female hormone balancer made with plant-based estrogens called Linen Extract.

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Contribute to healthy lifestyles by providing innovative natural food supplements.

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